Innovator of the Year

For teachers who use innovative solutions to overcome barriers to learning

Excellence in Special Needs Education

for teachers who are undaunted by the challenges of teaching children with special needs even though the environment may not be adequately equipped.

Teaching Team of the Year

an educational team that uses teamwork to inspire and engage learners to achieve their full potential

Lifetime Achievement

for teachers who have dedicated their life to the teaching profession and are approaching the end of their career

Administrator of the Year

for individuals who do not teach but is outstanding in keeping the school running

Newcomer of the year

for early career teachers who have already distinguished themselves with their drive and impact.

Excellence in English or science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM)

Excellence in Sports or the Creative Arts

Inclusive Opportunities for Skills Development

making parents and children aware, and understand the value, of skills for lifelong learning

Mental health and Well-being Champion

Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award