Celebrating a selfless Mentor


Today, I want to celebrate a man who helped me to shape my career.
I met then Dr. Azi who was in charge of the computer Lab at Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma in 1999. I was a graduate assistant and just wanted to learn how to use a PC and I approached him to help me. He graciously granted me unlimited access to the computer lab and purchased the visual studio 6 CDS for me. He is a great Mentor. I spent the next 1 to 2 years practically sleeping in the computer Lab. I was going to be a Mathematics Professor. He pointed out to me to explore further my love for computer programming and guided me to pursue the MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer ) certification. He helped not just only me but many others that also passed through him. Prof is still lecturing Physics at the UNIBEN and interestingly still changing many lives. I met him last week and I am glad I had the opportunity to say thank you to him.

It’s been 23 years and I am still Coding!!!!

Please Join me to Celebrate a selfless Mentor.

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