The Impact of Dedicated Teachers: Exploring the Inspiring Story of Mrs. Agunbiade


In my first year of junior secondary school, I struggled with math. Back in primary school, I used to enjoy it, but when we got to the number line, I became really confused. My math teacher tried hard to help, even explaining it to me in Yoruba, but the more he tried, the more lost I felt. Math started feeling like guesswork to me.

Then came JSS2 and Mrs. Agunbiade. She took the time to break down the number line in a simple way: look at the two numbers, write down the sign of the bigger one, then add if they’re the same and subtract if they’re different. It was like magic! I tried it out and got all the questions right. Excited, I rushed home and tackled all the number line questions in my JSS1 math textbook, acing them all. That moment changed everything—I fell in love with math.

When my SSCE results came out, I got a C4 in math. I felt disappointed because I knew I could do better. So, I decided to take another shot. I wrote the External SSCE, hoping for an A1. When the results were out, I got the A1 I aimed for, but I still felt a bit let down because there wasn’t a star beside it. Despite that, I pursued math further, graduating with a B.Sc. degree from the University of Ibadan, fueled by my love for the subject.

Mrs. Agunbiade didn’t know I retook the SSCE, but her belief in me always echoed in my mind, urging me on. Today, I honor her for teaching me that your results don’t define you, and with determination and support, you can always change them.

So, I dedicate my A1 in math to the woman who showed me that anything is possible.

Yes, Mom, I got that A1

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  1. From Mrs Agunbiade
    I thank God for your success.It is the Lord’s doing. Your interest in the Maths helped you to practice the assignment giving you.Congratulations. Advice other students to create interest in Maths and to practice the topics taught.Best wishes to lovers of Mathematics.:

  2. Thanks for celebrating my dearest biological mother and teacher Mrs Agunbiade always proud of her🙏

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