The alchemist who, through his wisdom and generosity, transmuted dreams into reality.


Today, I stand before you to honor a remarkable individual who has indelibly etched his influence on the tapestry of my career journey. Casting my mind back to 1999, I recall my fateful encounter with Dr. Azi, an embodiment of knowledge and wisdom, as he presided over the computer sanctum at Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma. In those nascent days, armed with the aspirations of a graduate assistant, I sought enlightenment in the realm of computing. It was then that our paths converged.

With an open heart and a generosity that knew no bounds, Dr. Azi extended to me the boundless privilege of unlimited access to the hallowed halls of the computer lab. Not only that, but he also bestowed upon me the invaluable gift of Visual Studio 6 CDs, an instrument that would later be instrumental in shaping my trajectory. His role in my life surpassed that of a mere tutor; he became a beacon, a mentor of unparalleled stature.

The subsequent span of one to two years witnessed my unwavering dedication, nights melding into dawn as I poured my soul into the enigma of code. As I forged ahead, my initial aspiration of becoming a Mathematics Professor began to evolve. It was Dr. Azi who saw beyond the confines of convention, who gently nudged me to explore the uncharted expanse of my passion for computer programming. With his sage counsel, I embarked on a journey toward the MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) certification—a path that would prove transformative.

Yet, Dr. Azi’s influence was not confined to me alone. Like a guiding star, he illuminated the way for countless others who traversed his tutelage. Even now, amidst the passage of years, he remains steadfast in his role as a lecturer of Physics at UNIBEN, his impact undiminished, his legacy of change resolute.

As fate would have it, a serendipitous encounter reunited us just last week. In that moment, I seized the opportunity to express my profound gratitude, to convey how his benevolence had propelled me on a journey spanning more than two decades—a journey that finds me still immersed in the symphony of code.

Dear friends, let us join hands in commemorating the life and contributions of this selfless mentor. Let us celebrate the alchemist who, through his wisdom and generosity, transmuted dreams into reality. Today, as I stand testament to his enduring influence, I implore you to reflect on the mentors who have shaped your path. Let their legacy remind us that within the currents of time, the impact of one individual can resonate across a lifetime, igniting flames of inspiration that burn ceaselessly.

Here’s to the dream-weavers, the knowledge-bestowers, and the life-changers. Here’s to the mentors who sculpt futures and sow the seeds of greatness. As I look back on 23 years, I invite you to share in my celebration of the unwavering spirit that propels us forward—a spirit fueled by the compassion and guidance of those who believe in our potential even before we do.

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