How I got to learn Chemistry and believed nothing was ever going to be hard to learn.


While in Federal government college Malali Kaduna State, my Senior Secondary One Class was filled with very intelligent pupils and this further encouraged our teachers to bother very little about teaching us with comprehensive details.


Hence, I found it hard to learn at the same pace of my class mates

Until one day when it was announced that a new chemistry teacher had been employed

Once Mr Beatruce started teaching us Chemistry, I noticed I started understanding even the most difficult aspects of the subject. 

An added advantage of meeting Mr Beatruce was that I began to believe I could learn more. 

By the end of that session, I had increased in my understanding of maths, physics and further maths. 

I strongly believe everyone needs a Mr Beatruce in their life. So they can learn one and believe they can learn more. 

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